Renovation Progress

Week 1

This week for renovations the main objective has been to get the furnishings removed. Remember that the Altar, Podium and Presider’s Chair as well as the side shelves under the Mary and Joseph Statues all go to the new church in Mustang – Holy Spirit.

 The electric company has been tracing the lines and options for new lighting. The Organ company has removed the pipes for refurbishing and cleaning. The scaffold is going up throughout the church.

Organ Pipes Removed for Remodeling
Altar removed for Remodeling

Week 2

As you know the month of May was full of planning for the move to Connor Center Cathedral Hall for the weekend Masses. We have been there a two weekend and it has been very good. The lighting, the sound, the chairs, the choir, the altar – all fit into a very welcoming temporary Cathedral in which to join in prayer!

In the Cathedral the scaffolding is being erected. The altar has been removed and stored. The sacristy is also getting a face lift!

Choir on platform
Congregation Sitting
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