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June Virtual Dream Event: Unleash Your Power to Dream

In times of crisis, it’s helpful to look into the future and see one that is bigger, better and
brighter, and then return to the present and do the things that make those dreams a reality.  Now is a great time to dream – for our community, our family, our Church, our parish, and ourselves.  Certified Dream Manager Tony Ferraro and the Dynamic Parish team has created this online Virtual Event.  

This virtual event is a 45-minute video.  In this event, Tony Ferraro, certified Dream Manager, will guide us through the process of dreaming as we continue to journey through this pandemic.  Please visit DynamicDreams.us before July 15 to watch the event: Event in English or Evento en Español.

Before watching, download the Dream Worksheet to record the dreams prompted during the event: Click for English or Español.

At-Home Activity: The One Thing

Throughout history, God has used men and women to spark lasting change in the world, in both big and small ways.  Were these men and women the wealthiest, or the most educated, or the most connected?  No.  When God is looking through resumes to choose who to send out on mission, he isn’t looking at our qualifications.  He is looking for just one thing.  What is that one thing?  We invite you to visit TheOneThing.us to watch a video about how you can collaborate with God to do great things.  He wants to use you to change the world!

Prayer of Availability:  Loving Father, I come to you today to make myself 100% available to you.  I lay everything I have and everything I am at your feet.  Take what you want to take, and give what you want to give.  Command me in all things.  I will do whatever you ask me to do.  Transform me and transform my life, so that I may become the-best-version-of-myself and lead others to you with my life and my love!  Amen.

At-Home Activity: A Powerful Sunday Experience

Whether you are going back to Mass in-person, or are continuing to livestream from home, there are small steps you can take to make the Sunday experience even more powerful. God wants to meet you personally at Mass and accompany you throughout the day.  How can you deepen your relationship with God this Sunday?

The“At-HomeActivity” is to visit SundayExperience.us and download the Sunday Plan template that corresponds with your situation: Mass In-Person or Mass At-Home.  On the Sunday Plan, you’ll see three different categories: Preparation (before Mass), Participation (during Mass), and Reflection (after Mass).

Each of the three categories will have a few suggestions of things to do during that period of time, to help you become radically available to God each Sunday.  Read through the suggestions and select one from each category to commit to.  If you do that, and truly make yourself available to God in a way that you never have before, amazing things will happen!

At-Home Activity: Write a Letter

One sign of spiritual health and spiritual growth, is the outward expression of gratitude. This week’s At-Home Activity is to stop for a moment and write a letter to someone who has believed in you, encouraged you, and dreamed for you or to someone who needs to know that you believe in them.  Visit DynamicLetters.us, watch a short video, and pick a template, print it out, and write your letter.

Click here for the short video and the letter template provided to get started!
Letter Templates: My Dreams for You or Thank You

You never know what the Holy Spirit can do with just one simple letter.

Virtual Event: Prayer with Matthew Kelly

Note from Fr. John:  During this challenging time, staying close to the Lord is crucial. We need to be prayerful people. If you would like to strengthen your own prayer life, I invite you to watch Matthew Kelly on Prayer, presented by Dynamic Parish.  You can watch this virtual event until June 1 at DynamicPrayerEvent.us.  There will also be some discussion group opportunities in the next few weeks, for those who would like to discuss Matthew’s presentation online.

Click link to watch: Prayer Event on-demand.  Event though it will be available online for the entire Month of May, we invite parishioners to watch “together” virtually on May 17th and then join a Zoom group discussion during the following the week.

Zoom* Discussion Group:

  • Adults on Wednesday, May 20th at 10 a.m. – Facilitator: Faith Reilly
  • Youth & Confirmation on Thursday, May 21st at 6 p.m. – Facilitators: Youth Ministry Core Team
  • Sunday, May 24th at 6 p.m. – Facilitators: Catherine Lewis and Dynamic Parish Team 

*Email [email protected] for Zoom link.

Dynamic Teen Event

How are you handling Covid-19?  Maybe you’re overwhelmed.  Maybe you’re anxious.  Maybe you’re frustrated.  Maybe you’re just “over it.”  In this time of uncertainty, each person is engaged in a battle within—a battle to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

Join Dynamic Parish Consultants Nathan Crankfield and Lindsey Schrock as they discuss 3 types of battles we’re likely to encounter and effective weapons to combat
resistance and become the saint God made you to be.

When: Wednesday, May 20th from 7-8 p.m. CT
Where: Online at DynamicTeenEvent.us
Who: Teens age 13-18, youth groups, students

At-Home Activity: The Prayer Process

When the world around us seems crazy and overwhelming, it’s easy to forget the importance of the most simple routines.  Prayer is no exception.

We invite you to pray The Prayer Process with us.  This is a simple, 7-step process that Matthew Kelly will walk through in a short video.  After watching, sit down a quiet space with the The Prayer Process Card we’ve made for you, and start your conversation with God.

Both the Video and the Card can be found at link: ThePrayerProcess.us.  

After watching, sit down a quiet space with the The Prayer Process Card, and start your conversation with God.  He wants to hear from you.  He’s waiting for you.  He’s ready to change your life, if you simply begin a conversation with him.

At-Home Activity: Gratitude List

No matter how dark the night may be, God is always inviting us to recognize the light, no matter how faint it may seem. Gratitude to God for the life we have been given has always played a central role in a healthy and vibrant spirituality. We invite you to visit MyGratitudeList.us to find two reflection videos on gratitude – click here for adults, and click here for kids

Gratitude is so often the first step on the road to hope. And we all could use a bit more hope. So after you watch, work together to make a Gratitude List with the worksheet provided at the same link and let hope fill your life and those you love.

At-Home Activity: The Jesus Question

The questions we ask of ourselves, of others, and of society define who we become.  There is one specific question that we all must answer each day by the way we live – “The Jesus Question.”  As we continue to walk with you along your journey of faith, we invite you and your family to embrace “The Jesus Question.  

Click here to watch the video and start the conversation at home

At-Home Activity: Enrich Your Marriage

Great communication is essential to having a great marriage.  Dynamic Catholic marriage enrichment inventory is a FREE questionnaire designed to celebrate strengths and highlight opportunities for growth between couples.  As a Dynamic Parish we are blessed to have access to free resources from Dynamic Catholic such as The Couple’s Inventory.

Seeking Peace in the Pandemic

Online event with Jack Beers Co-Leader of Dynamic Parish/Co-líder de la Parroquia Dinámica.

Dates Available: Anytime – it’s on-demand!

Jack Beers discusses the importance of embracing this moment, turning to God with faith instead of fear, and trying every day to live these four words from the Our Father: “Thy will be done.”

Click here for the Event in English.  Click here for the Evento en Español.

Best Lent Ever

As part of our Dynamic Parish Initiative, we invite everyone in our parish to participate in the Best Lent Ever program. By joining, you will receive a 3-minute video reflection each morning from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  The reflections feature Matthew Kelly and area based on the book handed out at Christmas ” Rediscover the Saints” As we often say, Lent shouldn’t be focused simply on what we give up, but on who we become through the disciplines of prayers, fasting and generosity.  Let’s all move toward becoming a-better-version-of-ourselves and discover together the amazing possibilities God has in store for each of us this Lent.  It’s simple to sign-up at BestLentEver.com

Dream Event

In March, 438 people in Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish completed the Bigger Future Survey at the Dream Event as part of our participation in the Dynamic Parish Initiative.

We are proud to be one of just 61 parishes across the country which have been selected to share these books, videos, events and other resources to help us grow in our faith in God.

We invite all parishioners to explore further the Bigger Future Survey results below.  By reflecting on our habits of prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization, we can identify the next step to become more dynamic in our Catholic faith.

Click here to view Survey Results

Dynamic Parish Launch

In early January, you may have seen the Matthew Kelly video announcing our participation in Dynamic Parish, a 5-year pilot program that will provide Our Lady’s Cathedral with a wealth of free resources from Dynamic Catholic.

When Father John met with the consultants from Dynamic Catholic, they made our parish an offer they would only extend to five parishes in our Archdiocese. And we would become one of 61 parishes across the country to be selected!

Father John said, yes. He didn’t say yes because he thought taking this parish community to the next level would be easy. It will certainly be difficult at times. It will take work on his part, on your part, on all our part as a parish. Rather, he said yes, because you are worth it…we are worth it.

Click here to view the Launch Video. To review the Launch Booklet click here.

Dynamic Parish Leadership Team

Fr. John’s Implementation Team (I-Team) includes:

Faith Reilly (Chair)
Hans Nguyen (Co-Chair – Vietnamese)
Teena Gripka (Hospitality)
Mary Kay Gumerlock (Invitation/Materials)
Julio Gonzalez (Printed Media)
Suzanne Gaytan (Communication)
Ryan Maxwell (Technology)
Audrey Campbell (Support)
Kelly Fanning (Support)
Bob Streets (Support)

Wonder how you can help?
We welcome your creativity, energy, love, and faithfulness!
Bring us your gifts and talents, and with God’s help we can build a DYNAMIC PARISH!
Contact a member of I-Team for more information.