Capital Campaign of Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Archbishop Coakley

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is truly an exciting time for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City! The recent beatification of Blessed Stanley Rother bore witness to God’s presence and the vitality of the Church here in Oklahoma. Blessed Stanley’s life and ministry inspires each of us to more fully embrace the call to missionary discipleship. We are greatly blessed by his example! Now we are called to build upon his legacy.

One Church, Many Disciples is the first-ever campaign in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and is in answer to explosive growth of the local Catholic population and Jesus’ call to evangelization. The campaign will provide funding for a beautiful shrine for Blessed Stanley Rother, enhancement of our noble Cathedral, local parish needs, seminarian education, faith formation, priests’ retirement, and to help plan for future parishes.

The success of the One Church, Many Disciples campaign is only possible if each of us offer our time, talent and treasure to this effort. I hope you will join me and help this campaign succeed. Thank you for opening your heart and mind to the message of One Church, Many Disciples, and for all you do in the life of the Church!

Capital Campaign of Archdiocese of Oklahoma CitySincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Paul S. Coakley
Archbishop of Oklahoma City


Archdiocese of Oklahoma City launches historic capital campaign

One Church, Many Disciples

Archbishop Coakley has unveiled a five-year, $60 million capital and endowment campaign to build a shrine for Blessed Stanley Rother and fund worthy initiatives to strengthen and enhance Church ministries throughout central and western Oklahoma.

This is the first-ever campaign of this size and scope for the archdiocese.

The One Church, Many Disciples Campaign aims to strengthen local parishes, build endowments for faith formation, renovate The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, honor Blessed Stanley Rother and create a fund to support retired priests.

The campaign is the culmination of Archbishop Coakley’s pastoral planning process from 2012-2015. After years of listening sessions, prayer and planning, Archbishop Coakley laid out three priorities for the archdiocese.

“The Catholic Church is growing in Oklahoma and we want to be poised to build on that enthusiasm,” Archbishop Coakley said. “Faith formation, new evangelization and Hispanic ministry are central to the future needs of our faith community, and the One Church, Many Disciples Campaign will provide foundational support to fulfill these ministry objectives.”

In addition to Archbishop Coakley’s leadership, the capital and endowment campaign is led by two co-chairs, Ken and Karen Kenworthy and Father Rick Stansberry.

“As one Catholic community – one Church – we are called to come together in a spirit of evangelization and discipleship,” said Father Rick Stanberry, pastor of Christ the King in Oklahoma City.

“Our campaign at Christ the King and in each of the parishes and missions in the archdiocese will help to transform the way we support the growth of parish-based and shared diocesan ministries.”

The campaign will contribute to four permanent ministry endowments at the Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma, which will provide long-term funding for the education of seminarians; for youth, young adult and campus ministry; faith formation and adult discipleship; and for Catholic schools.

Jim Beckman, executive director of the Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis who recently joined the archdiocese from the Augustine Institute and Saint John Vianney Seminary in Denver, welcomed the innovative programs that will be made possible by the campaign.

“The future of the Catholic Church is going to be determined by how effectively we reach the young people of today,” Beckman said. “Leadership and discipleship are at the heart of the new evangelization. We are focused on developing leaders in the Church with a true vision for renewal, and the practical skills to actually implement it.”

The One Church, Many Disciples Campaign is timely because of tremendous recent growth of the Catholic population in the archdiocese as well as the excitement surrounding the recent beatification of Blessed Stanley Rother and renewed call to missionary discipleship.

“We are beyond the days when Oklahoma’s Catholics were a mere 3 percent or 4 percent of the overall population. Today, Catholics make up more than 8 percent of the population in Oklahoma and we are a growing community. One Church, Many Disciples will ensure a vibrant and healthy Catholic family for future generations,” Archbishop Coakley said.

The Office of Stewardship and Development of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is managing the campaign process. Peter de Keratry, executive director of the office explained that the 108 churches of the archdiocese will conduct the campaign in groups, or waves, through June 2019.

The first 10 parishes, called pilot parishes, began the campaign in October and have already achieved more than 30 percent of their combined goals.

Twenty-eight more parishes are scheduled to begin “Wave 2” of the campaign in March 2018 with additional waves of parishes starting campaigns in August 2018 and January 2019.

In support of the parish campaigns, Archbishop Coakley has a personal goal to raise $20 million or more from leadership gifts. The first 19 gifts received from leadership gift families total $15 million.

“I am tremendously grateful and humbled by the generosity and willingness of those I have visited to support One Church, Many Disciples,” he said.

To learn more, visit the campaign website at

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